Why was the Nile River good for farming?

Why was the Nile River good for farming?

The civilization of ancient Egypt was indebted to the Nile River and its dependable seasonal flooding. The river’s predictability and fertile soil allowed the Egyptians to build an empire on the basis of great agricultural wealth.

Who is the best long distance swimmer in the world?

Martin Strel
Occupation long-distance swimmer
Known for Swam world’s biggest rivers, holder of 4 Guinness World Records
Height 6 ft (1.8 m)
Website www.martinstrel.com

Who is the best swimmer ever?

Michael Phelps

Who beat Michael Phelps?

Caeleb Dressel

Who is the fastest 10 year old swimmer?

Clark Kent Apuada

Can Michael Phelps outswim a shark?

But as it turns out, the 100m race was not completed with man and shark side by side. With an average speed of 5.9 miles per hour, Phelps could not outdo the shark’s prowess as the computer-generated animal beat him to the finish line by two seconds, with a time of 36.1 seconds to the swimmer’s 38.1.

Can a bear outswim a human?

The worst part about a bear encounter is anything you do to escape, the bear can do better. He can outclimb you, outswim you, and should you try to run, the bear tops out at 40 mph, which at a short distance is fast enough to catch and kill American Pharoah.

Do you breathe in 50m freestyle?

In the 50m free, swimmers dive into the water and crawl as fast as they can for one length of the pool. That’s the entire race. And most of them do it without breathing. Breathing is an essential part of human life.

Does Michael Phelps breathe bilaterally?

Bob Bowman, in training the GOAT, Michael Phelps, notes that the 27-time Olympic medalist would breathe every two strokes in practice, but would alternate sides from 25 to 25 so that “he is still getting symmetry in the breathing” and getting the rotation necessary to inflict the power to swim fast. 4.

Which is the easiest swimming stroke to learn?


What is the fastest freestyle 50m?


Event Time Name
50m freestyle 20.91 César Cielo
100m freestyle 46.91 César Cielo
200m freestyle 1:42.00 Paul Biedermann
400m freestyle 3:40.07 Paul Biedermann

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