Why you should join a society

Whether you join one or twenty, societies will probably be one of the best parts of your university experience. There’s something for everyone and who knows, by trying something new you might find a whole new passion! Here’s some reasons to join a society this academic year…

Societies are central to Warwick, and a very unique part of university. You are almost guaranteed to find at least one society that matches your interests, and it is a place where you can form friendships, practice your hobbies and even get some valuable experience for your CV!



Daunting could be an understatement for the feeling of arriving at university not knowing a single person. That is exactly how I felt! But now I am going into my third year with the same friends I made in my society. Naturally, the society you choose will be of interest to you and therefore other members will also share those passions. You can do as much or as little as you want with them, in terms of socials and other events. In this way, you can make such great friends.


Why you should join a society

The facilities you have access to at Warwick are excellent. For one, Warwick Arts Centre is the largest venue of its kind outside The Barbican in London! So whether that be for music, sport, the arts, or anything else, there are plenty of spaces for societies to take advantage of. Your younger self may have had a passion that you’ve since had to abandon in the face of exams and other commitments. But at Warwick you can pick that skill pack up and take advantage of all the other benefits societies have to offer. What’s brilliant is that most societies, particularly sports, are accessible to all abilities. So don’t be afraid if you are a beginner, and equally don’t think that you will be held back!


Why you should join a society

Employers don’t just look for academics. They want a ‘real person’ and someone who has hobbies in their free time. If you want to prove that, and have something credible to write on your CV, join a society. You can show that you’ve used initiative, worked, and were able to balance your time. You can even take on executive positions in your society that will give you additional responsibilities, and a chance to show and improve even more skills.

I was charity secretary of my society. I absolutely loved it! I organised events, got to know charities in the local communities, and most importantly raise a lot of money. I never imagined that this would be a part of my university experience, but I just saw the opportunity and took it. You’ve just got to do it!

Societies are what you make of them, and there is so much for you to get out of them. Join the one that suits you and you will fully reap the benefits!

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