The university. A book of Christine Musselin (La Découverte, coll. “Markers “, 2008, 119 p.)

We have been talking a lot of the opacity of the recruitment of teachers-researchers at the university, following the publication of a study showing the ” localism “1. At the same time, the law on liberties and responsibilities of universities (LRU) was intended to change the basics of this method of recruitment, in particular by giving more initiative and therefore to be able to university presidents. A point of view diachronic, the university and its teaching staff have experienced major upheavals linked, in part, to the broadening of their audience. Thus, the number of academic teachers increased from 8131 representing 0.03% of the active population in 1960 to 89400 in 2005, or 0.4% of the economically active population. This structural evolution is a professional development, issues and constraints of the exercise of this activity. The work proposes to compare the French case with the German and american way to show commonalities and differences.

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