Communication and media coverage of the State

Communication and media coverage of the State. A work directed by Dominique Marchetti (Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, February 2008, 197 p., 21 €)

The links between politics and the media appear to us every day. In fact, the evolution of the policy field is characterized by mediatization and personalization is growing. Yet the obvious and recurrent of speech showing the links between political propaganda and the media has the effect of masking the interrelationships of the political field and journalistic taking a dimension that is apparently neutral and de-politicized. It is not in this book to evoke ” State-show “, nor to make a further study on the political communication is the most visible but it is good to work from state activities for communication of a more routine nature : a public-policy, practical information on the traffic conditions, etc, with The theme road safety is a transversal to the book and allows you to approach the work of communication officers of the State which, without being connected, are obliged to promote their work with the local media.

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