Barnes : 77 words for the basis of the analysis of the networks

In the previous post, where I put online, in PDF format and in Word format, an article by John A. Barnes that soon we will translate whole, I indicated that a prior reading of the article, by next Friday, could have as an objective to identify the terms which recur frequently and/or which are central notions or concepts important, and to begin a collective discussion around the possible translations of these terms. The ideal would be to achieve the establishment of a small dictionary English-French translations of important terms, such that they have a consensus between us in the course of the coming days.

To move things forward, I’ve spent today article Barnes to the close scrutiny of a very simple tool of textual analysis. There are several that can be used directly online, such as Textalyser. After a bit of cleaning, I made a list of 77 words and phrases of several words, which all have at least 4 instances in the article, and may require a collective agreement around their translation, because these words are important and/or because their translation can be problematic.

Here is that list, ranked in descending order by the number of occurrences. I put it online here for illustrative purposes, and I then opened very soon in a document editable online… But in the meantime you can already start to think about :

Word or expression Occurrences
society/societies 64
bremnes 57
class/classes 53
parish 47
system/systems 40
network 34
man/men 32
people 31
group/groups 29
person/persons 21
status 21
rural 20
local 19
ties 19
different 18
field 18
population 17
friends 16
committee/committees 15
land 15
members of 15
peasants/peasantry 14
time 14
differences 13
vessel/vessels 13
life 12
organization 12
town/towns 12
economic 11
government 11
process 11
associations 10
community 10
political 10
kinship 9
relations 9
activities 8
children 8
friendship 8
membership 8
scale 8
areas 7
bureaucrats 7
country 7
culture 7
development 7
formal 7
individual 7
kinsmen 7
living 7
pattern 7
purposes 7
state 7
parish council 7
affairs 6
board 6
factory 6
independence 6
neighbours 6
structure 6
work 6
education 5
leadership 5
territorial 5
class network 5
achievement 4
acquaintance 4
arrangement 4
boundaries 4
burghers 4
groupings 4
income 4
knowledge 4
money 4
recognition 4
social network 4
wealthier 4

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