Translating Barnes together, step 3 : the Doodle !

Ca will, therefore, have not dragged : I had planned a 10-day period, but it took just four hours to gather the 120 euros of prize money that will allow us to purchase the rights to translation into French of the article by Barnes !

The prize pool is now closed, I have recovered the amount, and I’m going this week to pay the rights of the French translation, I’ll take the opportunity to ask them the question that has been raised in some of the comments of the previous post, and which focus on the nature and the extension of those rights : we fully owners of this translation and is therefore totally free to decide on its possible uses, and, in particular, of the license under which we will respond ?… I’ll let you know !

In the meantime, since we have gained a little bit of time with your readiness to open your wallet, we can move immediately to step 3 of the operation ” Translate Barnes together “, namely the choice of the day which will be held this ” traducthon “. This choice should be made taking into account a number of constraints : there will be remote participants, but there will also be gatherings of translators IRL (” in real life “), in Lyon for sure, Toulouse probably, to Paris eventually, and it is therefore necessary to find a date that allows these gathering simultaneous ; there are the school holidays soon, and he should, therefore, avoid at least the holiday periods for the two areas in which Lyon, Toulouse and Paris ; to have a sufficient time, and be able to articulate effectively the gathering IRL and interests at a distance, it is necessary to have a whole day (for example, from 10h to 17h), knowing that unfortunately this may exclude from the operation of the fellow volunteers overseas (but they can take up the slack at the end of the day here, and re-read, check and correct our work). Taking into account all these constraints, I propose you the Doodle, so I invite you to fill in, and to disseminate it widely around you :

The proposed dates are : Thursday 8 march – Friday 9 march Tuesday 13 march Wednesday 14 march Thursday 15 march Tuesday 20 march Thursday 22 march Friday 23 march Monday 26 march – Tuesday 27 march.

For each of these dates, you must indicate whether you are available or not (by checking the “YES” box), and if you are available to find other translators in real life in one of the three cities proposed (Lyon, Toulouse, Paris), then check the corresponding box. As you can see, I have my side checked the boxes ” YES ” and “Lyon” for each day (this is normal, it is I who have done the Doodle)…

For the moment, about thirty people have indicated their interest, which is already great ! But feel free still to join us now, and to circulate the information around you !

The Doodle is open until the end of the week, in other words, until Friday, February 10,… It is gone !

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