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Comfort means you’re comfortable in your skin, ignoring peer pressure and shining on a unique path with smaller discs and comfortable grips. The GameCube is perhaps the most popular Nintendo console with a playful purple exterior, fun and quirky controllers, and a library of some of the most creative and innovative games ever released on a single platform. The company manufactures it—also one of the most popular.

While its library may not be as exhaustive as some of its competitors, much of what GameCube ISO has been about is intended to be classics, changing gamers’ expectations for franchises that are established. They’re most reverent aside from ‘just fun.

While it’s never easy to rank countless great games, the staff at Goomba Stomp have determined a list of the 35 best games that Nintendo’s little console has to offer. Enjoy!

  1. Time Splitters 2

Combine the frantic, mission-based shooting action of Goldeneye N64 with a few episodes of Quantum Leap, and the result is Time Splitters 2. Bond Rare’s fans will feel right at home with the look and feel. And get a feel for that specific PS2 sequel, which sees players take on the role of a space sailor named Cortez, who must time travel to various points in the past (and present future).

We present and play as someone who lives there to stop the evil alien race from using magic crystals to change history and take over the universe. It is silly from a plot point of view, but what other game allows the player to be an old western bounty hunter in one level, a “Chicago detective in another era,” and a robot? Of century 24 in another next part?

The variety, good, responsive controls, and a lot of weird side content, like beheading zombies or collecting bananas, make the single-player experience memorable. Better yet, Time Splitters 2 allows for split-screen in story mode, doubling firepower (or brick power), so taking down evil aliens is even easier more interesting.

With a range of standard multiplayer options for timing and enjoyment of a Syfy Channel movie, Time Splitters 2 is one of the purest entertainment titles GameCube offers. (Patrick Murphy)

  1. Super Mario Strikers

There are two types of people in this world that we live in: those who love FIFA and those who don’t. I always fall into the latter category. Like many others, I have no interest in sports, and the gameplay is too slow for me.

But thinking about it, I would probably like the stadiums and the smaller teams, the players are all from the Mario game, and you can get some bonuses, such as shells, shells, etc., bananas and special attacks. Fortunately, a game that does just that has been released for GameCube, and it makes it possible for those who don’t have a passion for the sport to enjoy a game of soccer finally.

Super Mario Strikers are the busiest. You never get bored because there will always be dozens of bullets bouncing from wall to wall as you try to move across the field, hoping to score a goal. Fortunately, the game mechanics are simple, and almost anyone can have fun with this game and play well without overthinking different tactics and approaches to the sport.

The different game modes also give you a reason to keep going. Instead of just consisting of quick and multiplayer matches, the game comes with a tournament mode, which offers aspiring players, removing much of the repetition. I could find myself playing this game for hours, and I still play.

Super Mario Strikers alone is the game that successfully combines soccer and Mario Kart in general, a job it does surprisingly well, and the mechanics and design of the game are good enough to make it become a staple for any GameCube lover. (Johnny Pedersen)

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you are looking for super cool games to play, then the above five games are the best to play. So, don’t hinder your happiness. Download and play the best ROMS

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