What Is the Most Popular Game in the United States?

Playing games is a great pastime for the majority of people. Recently, online casino games overtook the gaming market. The visual graphics are upgraded thanks to technological advancement that makes for a surreal gaming experience. But, not every mobile game is successful, and there are certainly some characteristics that make a game appealing to the audience.

Mobile Games

Since we all like different things, it’s hard to choose which game is the best of the bunch. The most common way is to choose one of the mobile games because thanks to mobile applications, playing a game is easier than ever.

According to a survey, 22.49 % of all applications are from the Apple App Store. While there are a plethora of games to choose from, only a few games are successful and profitable. The bigger the number of games, the better the current offering is. However, competition is growing every year because new games appear on a daily basis.

Also, online casinos have noticed the popularity of this trend and created mobile-friendly titles that are accessible as apps and also mobile-optimized casino games. All you need to do to play your favorite casino games is to register on a reliable casino site. You can follow this link to create an account and play casino games on the move or from your computer.


Glu Mobile is one of the most successful mobile games companies, which has created games such as Deer Hunter, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and the Eternity Warriorswith total annual revenue of $132.4 million. What follows are some characteristics that only successful mobile games have.

The three criteria that make a game successful are the following: a large number of downloads, players play the gamer for a longer period of time, and their willingness to pay for better game customization. We have to take into consideration the fact that mobile games are not the only applications on the user’s mobile phone.

The Competition

Every mobile game application competes against the other 25 applications that users have on their phones. Games are no longer competing against other games, but social platforms and entertainment in general. With that being said, a mobile game needs to have special characteristics that make it stand out on the market.

Key Factor

Innovation is certainly a key factor. Giving your customers the moment of surprise and delight can be achieved with better graphic presentation and easy gaming consoles. A good example is the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which is popular thanks to the blend of the real and virtual world of Kim Kardashian’s life.

More and more the gaming industry pays attention to the social aspect of gaming. That being said, the multiplayer mode is more of a necessity in the modern gaming world. Competing against your best friend or friends competing against other teams makes the gaming experience much more exciting.

The gaming company Glu became popular thanks to the wide range of shooting, racing, and sports games it offers. As the study shows that when more friends play a game together, it is more likely they will play the game longer.

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