Put your best foot forward

The weekly Wellbeing Walk is a breath of fresh air for your mind and body… by Annette Kinsella. I wandered lonely as a cloud, said William Wordsworth. He clearly wasn’t a student at Warwick, because if he’d decided to wander here he could have joined in with the Wellbeing Walk, which takes place weekly around […]

Library life: My week as a med student

I’m a postgraduate medical student, which makes my normal week probably a bit different to the average student on campus. Here’s what I get up to… By Charles Hand Day 1 Today began mercilessly with 8am lectures that went on till 5pm, as if it isn’t already hard enough to crawl out of bed on […]

Have you met Bob?

There’s a relatively new addition to the Library family, and he’s one you probably will want to get to know… By Richard Perkins Why Bob? It stands for Box of Broadcasts, a service to which the University recently subscribed. What does it do? Since roughly 2008, the people at the BUFVC have been recording all […]

3 Tips for Dealing with your Dissertation

Dissertations: the mere thought of all those words is enough to give you a headache – following these tips will last longer than the Paracetamol…by Nuala Clarke. Dissertations are not nice things. They take up all your time, give your fingers cramp (can fingers even get cramps!?) and turn your brain to scrambled eggs. Sure, […]

Can thyroid problems cause hair color?

Can thyroid problems cause hair color? Answer. Hyperthyroidism can in fact have multiple on the texture, color, and other physical properties of the skin, hair, and nails. With regard to the hair, most people with hyperthyroidism notice thinning or fragility of the hair, but sometimes an increased appearance of grey hairs can also occur. Does […]

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