Library life: My week as a med student

I’m a postgraduate medical student, which makes my normal week probably a bit different to the average student on campus. Here’s what I get up to… By Charles Hand

Day 1

Today began mercilessly with 8am lectures that went on till 5pm, as if it isn’t already hard enough to crawl out of bed on a Monday! Afterwards I left the shelter of Gibbet Hill and headed onto campus for what was likely the third coffee of the day. Refuelled, I went to revise on the top floor of the Library where it’s nice and quiet and you get a great view of the sun setting. Flash cards completed, I peddled my way back to Leamington for the main event of the day: Game of Thrones! A group of us gathered round the TV with snacks and bated breath to find out who would be next to get the axe; we weren’t disappointed.

Day 2

Today went much like Monday, except I had a much appreciated 9 o’clock start. In the afternoon I travelled to hospital placement where we got to play doctor and swoop around the wards like something from ER. At the end of the day I headed back to University to teach in Peer support. This is a student lead revision session we do for the first years. We remembered to bring snacks this time so everyone was happy.

Day 3

I had more lectures today, then a medic’s rugby game in the evening. We played really well, but we lost narrowly in the last 15 minutes of the game!

Day 4

After the obligatory day of lectures, I went to catch up on my research projects at the Biomed Grid. I met with one of my research supervisors over some coffee in the canteen and got planning.

Day 5

Today I had a break from lectures at university, only to have them replaced with 8am anatomy teaching at hospital instead! In the evening, a group of us called Badman Anatomy (don’t ask), booked a study space at the Postgraduate Hub and gave presentations to each other. I learnt a lot from the guys and also got to practice my public speaking.

Following the hard week of working, we decided some frivolity was in order and succumbed to the allure of a night out. It’s a good job there’s a whole weekend to recover!

Day 6

I managed to persuade myself to go to the Leamington Learning Grid this morning and write up some lectures. I always like working there because it’s right in the centre of town and therefore very close to the park and coffee! In the afternoon I got artistic and had a jam session with my “band” (I use the term band very losely).

Day 7

I had a restful end to the week watching the Formula 1 whilst flicking through some flash cards and meeting up with some friends at the park in the afternoon. In the evening I prepared my food and bag, ready for a new week and that 8am start!


So that was a little taster of the typical week of a medic. What is your average week like, do you work longer, party harder, or maybe it’s entirely different? Let us know below. Enjoy your week!

Image: tictac/Daniel Novta/ CC BY 2.0

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