Save Time without Cutting Corners

Balancing various different assignments can be tricky for any student. Give yourself the best chance of doing all your pieces of work to the best of your ability by using these time-saving tips… Use the tools available to you One of the biggest time-drainers in pieces of written work is referencing. Many students (and even […]

Your Library: Behind the scenes

Library staff are here to connect you with information, support and your community but who exactly are they? Let’s take a glimpse behind the scenes… National Libraries Week is being celebrated at the University of Warwick Library from Monday 8th October 2018. If you have visited the Library, you will have probably walked past a […]

Three Top Term 3 Tips

Term three can often be the most stressful part of the year. Despite exams and deadlines looming there’s no reason it can’t also be your most productive. Here are some key pointers to help you make the most of the final term of the year… A big part of working productively and maximising your potential […]

Balancing Sport and Study

Once again, Warwick defeated Coventry in the annual Varsity games. For many, sport is the highlight of university, but balancing a sport with a degree has never been the easiest. Here’s some advice for how to best succeed in both your studies and your sporting commitments… Across the pond in the U.S., being in a […]

Get Familiar: Learning Grid Rootes

Ever wandered into Costa and started to feel guilty, seeing loads of people walking past with books, in work mode? You’re getting coffee and they’re walking by, in a rush to do some serious studying. Where? It seemed that Rootes building definitely wasn’t cut out for all those hard-working students to be… learning? Here’s a […]

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