5 Tips to Kick Off the New Term!

The first term can normally be a period of adjustment. People are trying to find their footing, or experimenting with revision and exam techniques to see what works. Term 2 is the best time to really figure out what works and excel in those summer exams. Whether you’re trying to bounce back from the break, […]

Human Library: Which Book Will You Read?

In this blog post, Aysa talks about the second Human Library event taking place at the University of Warwick. The Human Library helps to overcome stigma, combat prejudice, dismantle stereotypes, inform ignorance, clarify misconceptions, debunk myths, end discrimination, and challenge negative attitudes through conversations with Human Books… The Human Library event came about after we […]

Study Appy

Looking for ways to improve your productivity, or perhaps you are grappling with ideas about how to maintain focus? These six apps might be able to help you… Time Management   It has been said that time heals all wounds, well now you can use it to help you study. You may have heard about […]

How to eat the elephant of your workload

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Everyone knows that saying, and tackling your workload is just the same…By Ondrej Bajgar And yet I keep meeting friends in the library complaining that their stomach is aching or that they still haven’t even nibbled away the trunk of their assignment, because it’s […]

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