How is Antarctica being exploited?

How is Antarctica being exploited?

Mining is banned indefinitely (with a provision for review in 2048 onwards in Antarctica under the Environmental Protocol). However, there are deposits of minerals on Antarctica that could be exploited including oil, coal and iron ore.

Why do countries want to claim Antarctica?

Antarctica is not a country: it has no government and no indigenous population. Instead, the entire continent is set aside as a scientific preserve. The Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1961, enshrines an ideal of intellectual exchange. Governments really want to know what’s under the ice.

Should Antarctica be conserved or exploited?

The Antarctic Treaty was agreed in 1961 to help control human activity in the location and also to resolve disagreements over territory. It has been agreed that: Countries who have signed up to the treaty are free to carry out scientific experiments and must share their results. The environment must be conserved.

Why is it difficult to extract minerals in Antarctica?

Mining in Antarctica would be very difficult, dangerous and expensive as the climate is so harsh, the ice is very thick and Antarctica is very remote from major centres of population. This would make the transportation of minerals and equipment in and out of Antarctica hazardous.

Does Antarctica export anything?

Though Antarctica is an arid wasteland of ice and bitter wind, it has an active import/export market of supplies to the various bases and camps scattered throughout. Here are some highlights from the last ten years of imports to the frozen wasteland down south. 2005 — The year of Raw Tobacco.

Is there gold in Antarctica?

Gold, platinum, copper, iron and coal have also been found in Antarctica. And diamonds are already mined today in some of the world’s colder reaches of northern Canada and Siberia.

What country governs Antarctica?

People from all over the world undertake research in Antarctica, but Antarctica is not owned by any one nation. Antarctica is governed internationally through the Antarctic Treaty system.

What does Antarctica smell like?

Oddly enough, there are very few smells in Antarctica. Ice and snow have no smell, and in the cold temperatures, everyday objects hold onto their aromatic chemicals. So that when you stumble into an aroma, it stands out like a black volcanic rock on a snowfield.

Can you live in Antarctica permanently?

No-one lives in Antarctica indefinitely in the way that they do in the rest of the world. It has no commercial industries, no towns or cities, no permanent residents. The only “settlements” with longer term residents (who stay for some months or a year, maybe two) are scientific bases.

How warm is it in Antarctica today?

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