How to Craft a Standout Essay on Abortion

If you are a student, you already know that abortion is a fairly relevant topic for any educational institution. You will have to face essay writing on this topic at least once. But how to get ready and not fail? How to craft a standout essay on abortion? Fortunately, you don’t have to search for answers to these questions for a long time. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Know Your Goals

First, you need to understand your goals and the type of assignment. Typically, you will often have to write argumentative or expository essays. Ask your professor if you can express personal emotions or add your opinion in a body paragraph. In addition, each type of essay requires a specific approach to organizing information. Therefore, you should probably think about a strategy ahead of time.

Find Good Topic Ideas & Examples

As a rule, most professors encourage student initiative. That is why you can choose an interesting topic related to abortion. Find a topical list on the Internet, and you can probably dig out 3-4 good topics. But where should a beginner start next? First, take a look at abortion essay samples. These are examples of how you can write your essay. The main plus is that you will see how to correctly write the introduction, body paragraphs and the main part of the final paragraph. Plus, the samples help you find important ideas that you can use further.

You Need a Good Plan

Think about where you should start. Perhaps you should write an outline first. Think of it as a framework for your paper. Write down all the points, make notes, and reminders. You can even jot down a couple of starter sentences for each part of your essay. Such a life hack will allow you not to forget the most relevant information. In general, your outline is like a map to keep you on track.

Start With a Good Hook

A good introduction is half the battle. The point is, you need to act like marketers. These guys know how to interest potential customers with a couple of proposals. Start with an interesting quote, important statistic, or a rhetorical question. Try to strike a balance between information content, relevance, and clarity of your proposals. Feel free to use any hook that looks natural. Your main goal at this stage is to create a catchy intro.

Write Perfect Body Paragraphs

Once you have created your intro and set the stage for body paragraphs, you should analyze your sources. As a rule, each paragraph should contain one problem and its solution. Don’t lump all the facts together. And don’t forget that you need to confirm any statistics. On the other hand, it is not necessary to indicate numbers without any confirmation. Stick to credible sources such as books, scholarly articles, and studies.

A Good Conclusion Is a Must

After you have completed all your body paragraphs, you should write a good conclusion. It is not worth repeating all the data that you found in the course of your research. Instead, write a summary and highlight the relevance of your findings. Be concise and don’t write too many sentences. Act like a sculptor whose task is to remove all unnecessary parts to make the statue look perfect.

Be Open-Minded and Try to Avoid Personal Judgments

If your abortion essay does not imply a description of personal experience or your opinion, then you should be careful in what you say. Avoid value judgments and bias. Instead, try to present statistics and facts in a neutral tone. Imagine that you are a chronicler, and you only need to record all events, data, and factors without value judgments. Overall, this is the shortest route to high grades.

Re-read and Edit Your Essay

You’ve probably put in a lot of effort to write each paragraph. Your task now is to re-read each sentence. Perhaps some of your wording is too vague or incomplete. Imagine that you are a scientist who is responsible for the lives of millions of people. Polish up every sentence or ask someone to help you. There is nothing wrong with someone reading your essay and pointing out key mistakes or inaccuracies.

Plagiarism Is Not Acceptable

Never copy sentences or entire paragraphs from other people’s essays. The point is that your paper must be original. But what if you like the information in some essays and want to add a couple of sentences? Read the paragraph you like and interpret it according to your goals. There is nothing easier than to paraphrase any statement of fact. As you can see, you can easily avoid plagiarism if you spend at least 20-30 minutes paraphrasing.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult about writing an abortion essay. You just need to adhere to the classic structure and all of the above tips. Try to use only verified data and do not use value judgments without prior agreement with your professor. Now you have a detailed guide to help you stand out from the crowd and write the perfect essay.

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