Is your assignment plagiarized? 5 Best Tools to check Plagiarism in your assignments

We have seen that every website is providing almost the same sense of content.

Sometimes, we see that people have copied other website’s content word to word and publish it as their own.

No matter how much content they have been copied, they are found guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism is the duplication of other’s work partially or completely without letting them know.

This action has affected all the writing fields badly. But the educational field is suffering from this problem more than all others.

In your educational career, you have to write various assignments.

According to research in a university, almost 70-80% of students are writing assignments by copying data from the internet.

Plagiarism is one of those tasks that will not be ignored by your professor or instructor. In turn, you will get a bad or F grade in that subject.

Many students argue that they don’t know whether their assignments have plagiarism or not while submitting their assignments.

For such students, we are here with the 5 best tools to check plagiarism in assignments. Let’s explore the list and get perfection in our work.

Best Tools to Check Plagiarism in Assignments

An extensive collection of plagiarism checkers is available on the internet. You can access any of them with few clicks of your keyboards and mouse.

But all of those tools are not efficient to work with an educational document. We have tested most of those tools and extracted some fantastic tools.

So, we have wrapped that massive list of the top 5 best tools for our valuable readers. Keep reading and you will find the best tools to check your assignments before submitting them.


Our experts have analyzed all the tools and found plagiarism checker by Prepostseo best for checking duplication.

It is because this tool does not leave a single published page on the internet.

Like other plagiarism checkers, it doesn’t have any specific database. This tool uses the entire search engine as its database and compares the document with them.

In addition, it also searches for matches in books from local online libraries. That is why you will get 100% authentic and reliable results.

The process to use this tool is pretty simple that appeals to a lot of users. Being a user, you simply have to upload or paste your assignment in the given text box.

It is common that you have used data from other authors and pasted it in your assignment to support your arguments. In such a case, you can put that text in “Quotation marks”.

In this tool, you will get a checkbox to exclude quotes. You should click on it, so the tool can skip that part and compare the other sections.

Also, you can use other filters available in this tool. The most amazing feature in addition to a deep check is the availability of different languages.

You can check the plagiarism of documents written in more than 10 languages. All in all, this tool is the best for checking your assignments to get the uniqueness of your work.


On the second rank, we have a tool by It is a combination of various tools with which you can cover 80-90% of your online tasks.

This tool will check your document against other educational documents first to find such similarities.

The main reason behind educational plagiarism is similarities with other papers and books.

So, it will check this factor before moving towards others like blogs and articles. After this, it will compare your work with all other available and published papers on the internet.

Once the tool has compared your content, it will show both plagiarized and unique content in a percentage format. It will give you line-by-line results under the call to action button.

So, you can jump easily to that specific line and rewrite it to get unique results.

The only problem with this tool is that it takes much time to check plagiarism as compared to above mentioned.

If you have little time to get plagiarism reports, you should choose this tool.

3. is another fantastic tool that will compare your work and find exact similarities. This tool will help you to get exact reports of your work uniqueness.

The most amazing feature of this tool is that it will show you matched writings websites URLs on a separate page. So, you can browse all those websites one by one and remove this issue from your work.

Sometimes, you keep repeating one phrase or word in your assignment. It will leave a bad impact on your professor and he may ask you to revise your work.

This tool will show you specific words percentage that you have used in your work in high density. So, you can find those specific words and replace them to make your work efficient.

In this way, it will reduce your efforts regarding proofreading to some extent. In the last, you can generate plagiarism reports and download them on your device.

The only problem with this tool is that you can’t use it comfortably. It is because you will get advertisement banners everywhere on the screen.


It is another tool that is well-known around the globe for checking plagiarism. Mostly, this tool is used by bloggers, writers, or webmasters.

The reason is that this tool is free to check published articles only. If you want to check your assignments before submitting or publishing them, you have to buy a paid subscription.

This is the reason why we have ranked this famous tool on the fourth rank in the list of education plagiarism checkers.

It is pretty much simple to use this tool as it has an easy interface. After buying a subscription, you will get credits according to your selected package.

For every assignment check, some credits will be reduced according to the number of pages. Therefore, we don’t recommend this tool as the priority if you have to use this tool very little in your work.


Turnitin is a famous platform for teachers and students around the globe. The main reason is that you can access it from any region of the world and understand its working in your language.

Yes, you can use this tool in more than 10 languages and work for better outcomes. In addition to this, it has multiple tools to support students and instructors to deal with various tasks.

Plagiarism checking is one of those amazing services that are available on this platform. You can create an account with this platform and buy their services.

It will enable you to get 100% verified results of your assignments and submit them confidently. The paid plans of this tool are not expensive much.

But you have to buy its subscription only if you have to check the originality of work off and on. If you have a single assignment, you should choose any of the above-mentioned free tools.


The above-shortlisted tools are the best among all the others available on the internet. You can pick any of them and reduce the chances of bad grades in any of your subjects.

All these tools have some features that the others are not providing. So, we don’t recommend you stick with a single tool. You should give try to all of these tools especially free ones.

Then you can finalize that which tool will be the best for you as per your requirements.

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