Lockdown Library: Some ‘can-do’ solutions to things students can’t do

With the current restrictions on academic institutions in the UK, it can feel like students are being told more about what they can’t do, than what they can do. With the recent changes to the library and other study spaces around campus, you may be asking yourself how you can work effectively in these new circumstances, whether you’re at university or at home. Here’s a few ways to find practical solutions to study issues you may be facing, and a helpful guide to using the library services even if you cannot access the main library space at the moment.

Click and Collect

The library has a wealth of online resources, from e-books to journals, which students can access through the catalogue in order to complete secondary reading for assignments or seminars. It is, naturally, likely that we will still need to access physical copies of the books in the library. You might not be able to walk up to the shelves and grab your book, but the library’s click and collect service is available to access the books.

Simply search for your books on the library catalogue and submit a request form here. You’ll receive an email notification when your books are available to be collected.

Tip: Plan ahead, it may take slightly longer to access physical copies, so take some time to look at what you will need for the weeks ahead and submit your forms. It’s important to make sure you have the books you need, don’t be caught out for not knowing which ones they are in time.

Lockdown Library: Some ‘can-do’ solutions to things students can’t do

Switch up your style!

Term one was a period where students had to quickly adapt to working remotely so it’s completely understandable if your methods for studying are starting to feel less and less effective as the weeks go on. Term two is the perfect time to switch things up and find ways to perfect your remote studying. Check out our previous blog post on tips for studying at home!

Lockdown Library: Some ‘can-do’ solutions to things students can’t do

Improve your focus

The ability to remain productive, while working from home, is a huge concern among students at the moment. The library, however, offers a range of assistive software. From mindmapping to note-taking softwares, these tools can help to boost your productivity and help working remotely feel less tiresome.

My personal favourite is ‘Workrave’, a rest break software, which reminds you to take breaks from the computer regularly and prevents Repetitive Strain Injury!

Lockdown Library: Some ‘can-do’ solutions to things students can’t do

Speak up!

If you find yourself encountering issues or requiring support, there’s a whole army of staff/students ready to help you! As always, you can reach out to academic staff or personal tutors, but if you’re experiencing difficulty with using the library remotely there are several channels you can use to access support.

Academic support librarians are subject-specialised members of library staff, who you can approach to receive support and advice for your academic assignments. The academic support team are super approachable and always keen to lend a helping hand- find out who your librarian is and how to contact them here. They will be happy to hear from you!

Library associates are a team of student volunteers you can also use to receive handy tips and advice about using the library under the new measures. They are also a brilliant way to voice your suggestions of how students could be better supported by the library. If you have any feedback about things you would like to see the library do, especially under the current conditions, be sure to reach out to a library associate here!

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