What Are The Different 3D Game Art Styles?

Creating an online based video game is not a walk in the park. It requires proper skill sets. That is why it must be a 3D art expert to handle and manage the entire project. You are investing money in the 3D game art because you are expecting that your investment will reap massive income and profit. However, it is not that easy to realize your goals and objectives. Hiring the best agency that employs highly skilled software developers and programmers is advised.

3D game art is a complex thing. Why? Because there are 3D Game Art Styles which you should know. Learning those styles is a basic requirement as far as hitting business success is concerned. Of course, you cannot have a user-focused 3D game when you don’t know the different styles. This is the main reason why it is recommended to look for a legit and reliable 3D game outsourcing company.

Dissecting 3D art

What is 3D art? A good question. It refers to a 3-dimensional and highly-graphic game art. Playing a 3D game is highly interactive. It is the main reason why millions of players are hooked these days on playing excellent 3D games. Basically, 3D games have specific measurements when it comes to depth, height, and width. The concept behind the said measurements is much the same with the most common visible things in front of you today. Look at the things in front of you. There might be a table, or a chair, or even a computer, right?

2D games are interactive. But did you know that 3D games are more interactive than the 2D ones? They are more stunning and amazing compared to the 2-dimensional game arts. The deep and realism aspects can be much appreciated by the gamers when the game they play with is a 3-dimensional one. Of course, the realism perspective is a catchy factor, to say the least. Why is it so? Because 3D Game Art Styles can allow the gamers to view the game from all angles and sides of the screen.

3D Game Art Styles

Below are the top 3D Game Art Styles that you should know.


This is the first style among various 3D Game Art Styles. From the term itself, realism, viewing and playing the game using this style is really amazing. The reality is that the gamers can appreciate the graphics and animations used by the 3D game artist. This particular genre of 3D games is very popular because lots of people have been amazed by this one. They truly appreciate how the 3-dimensional games impact on their actual experience.


The immersion of the players is pretty amazing using this particular style. Being one of the top 3D game Art Styles, realism is used by a lot of 3D game agencies. According to Argentics, “Our realism style can really make your business lucrative. The only thing we want is for your business to go to the next level. That is why we are making sure that the future gamers can experience great things when they play your video game. Through this style, your gaming business will be recognized by a number of customers worldwide.

Fantasy Realism

This is somehow realism but it has pseudo-based characteristics that mold the animations and graphics of the 3D game art. Cyberpunk 2077 is a concrete example of a 3-dimensional video game that uses this particular style. This is also a popular style like its predecessor cited in this blog article. Fantasy realism is a style that incorporates gra[hic and animation ideas. It also includes a science fiction setting and steampunk.

The main goal of the 3D game artist when he or she creates a video game that uses this style is to come up with a very realistic fantasy game. The graphics and animations might surprisingly be realistic but the game itself is not realistic as far as the real human existence is concerned.

To explain further, a 3D game that uses this style allows the artist to utilize a huge space of his imaginative skill sets. Keep in mind that any video game that utilizes fantasy realism style should be able to showcase a realistic game without restrictions. The point is that the game itself looks like a reality in the game setting. However, the real essence is that the nature of the game is only fictitious and fantasy-based. Everything in there is not true when it comes to the realities outside the game console.


This is the last style among the different 3D Game Art Styles to be discussed here. Cartoon video games are popular among kids. But did you know that even adults play cartoon 3D video games which are also known as anime games? Yes, it is quite true that adults also play cartoon games.

What is this 3D art style? It has both hand-painted and low poly choices. In terms of graphics and textures, the game design is drawn by hand. The characteristics of the 3D game are amazing because they have one-of-a-kind features such as relative simplicity, exaggerated accents and colorfulness. The proportions of the game are non-standardized, so to speak.

Cartoon-based 3D games are really popular these days. They have been played by a number of happy gamers worldwide. You can find a list of cartoon video games here.


Creating a 3-dimensional video game that uses either of the different 3D Game Art Styles is amazing. This is a good business. But then, you have to be sure that your approach in business is precise and results-oriented. Hence, you should be hiring one of the top 3D game art outsourcing companies.

The recommendation in this blog post is you should try the services offered by Argentics. They can help you in creating eye-catching 3D characters and animations which will attract more gamers; thereby making your gaming business a profitable one.

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