Study Spots on Campus

While your first year at Warwick might not initially require as much study as your later years, you’ll need to knuckle down and open the textbooks sooner or later. When the time comes and the library is filled with upper years, however, there may not be a seat in sight. As such, I present to you three alternative effective study spaces which will help you to pass first year…

Rootes Learning Grid

For a more social learning experience, the Rootes Learning Grid is often a popular place for group projects and discussing ideas. It also provides a more relaxed learning environment – not everyone likes a silent, studious background when they work, of course. I personally used the Learning Grid whenever there was a shared piece of work, thanks to the multiple tables, whiteboards and other useful facilities in there. Two bookable rooms – one dedicated to communal study, and the other to presentations – means that it’s an ideal location for study groups to go. It’s also downstairs from Fusion Bar, which constitutes a lovely location for a well-deserved break.

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday, 8:00 until 22:00.

How To Get There: Walk into the Rootes Building (underneath the big screen), past Costa and scan your student card to make it through the barriers.

What To Bring: Student card, snacks and some work.

University House Learning Grid


University House provides TWO large Learning Grids, each with their own unique features. The first, LG1, has iMacs, Smartboards, a Panaboard, Plasma screens, Reference books and Kyocera printers available for use, while LG2, like Rootes, has two bookable, 12-person presentation rooms.

This is an ideal place to study for those in Westwood, should you want to save yourself a walk into main campus. It’s also often quieter and less busy than Rootes Learning Grid, as it’s further from central campus.

Opening Times: Monday To Sunday, 7:00 until 22:00.

How To Get There: Walk past the entrance to the Maths and Stats quad and the new sports centre (on your right) and keep following the path to University House.

What To Bring: Student card, snacks (no hot food!) and some work.

Department Common Rooms

If you’re a fan of the ‘social’ learning experience of the Learning Grids but want a more course-focused environment, head to your department common room! While they vary in terms of the facilities they provide, the main benefits to using these are the exclusivity of the room – only those on your course can use the room, meaning there’s usually ample space. This also means that, if needed, there’s plenty of help available from coursemates around you. Secondly, common rooms are unstaffed, meaning they are often open 24 hours – perfect for any ‘night owls’. It’s always best to check with your department for any common room rules. Another huge benefit is the existence of a hot drink machine in some common rooms – during my time in the PPE Common Room, that machine kept me going during exam time!

Opening Times: 24 Hours – but check with your departments.

How To Get There: They’re dotted around campus – check your module handbook.

What To Bring: The door code, snacks and some work.


Study Spots on Campus

The Oculus building has an interesting vibe to it – while the mood is somewhat like the library, the setting is relaxed, with comfortable chairs, sofas and desks laid out. The open layout also allows a lot of natural light in, which furthers the allure of the building. Whether it be before a nearby lecture in the same building, or simply an alternative to the library for quiet study, the Oculus building is an underrated location for study. It’s great if you have a spare thirty minutes between lectures to quickly go over your notes.

Opening Times: 24 hours.

How To Get There: Oculus is located next to the Rootes Grocery Store, on the path that takes you to Tocil and the Sports Centre.

What To Bring: Snacks and some work.

So if the main library is ever full or you simply need a change of scene, this list should go some way to helping you. As always, check out the extensive list of study spaces on the Warwick website, and try to find your own unique nooks and crannies within the campus!

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