Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Library Language Exchange

It’s time for one our favourite Study Happy events… The Library Language Exchange! If you’ve never heard of us before, you’re a fresher interested in meeting new people, or if you’ve just arrived home from your study abroad year, read more about the fortnightly events here…

Study Happy is the Library’s term-time events programme.  If you’re a returning student, you might have seen us around. The Study Happy team are responsible for the weekly Mindfulness sessions, the PAT Dogs events held twice per term, and the Creative Chillout craft events in collaboration with The Mead Gallery every fortnight and loads more. If you’re a Fresher, then you’ll be starting at a great time! This term we’re collaborating with Warwick Sport to hold pop-up sport sessions in the Teaching Grid to keep you active, we’re holding dedicated, distraction-free study sessions called Switch Off & Work in the same space, and we’re venturing out onto campus across more of the Learning Grids to check in with you more often. Find out more about these by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

The Library Language Exchange is another one of our regular events. It’s held every 2 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm (weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) in the Rootes Learning Grid. A lot is already done at the University of Warwick to support and provide students with opportunities to become more globally aware and interculturally proficient. Various student societies such as World@Warwick and GoGlobal, as well as service departments like Warwick International Students Office and Student Careers and Skills, hosts events, training and trips. But we believe that we’re offering something pretty unique.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to attend the Study Happy Library Language Exchange…

It’s entirely flexible around your needs and feedback

This is perhaps the best aspect of the Library Language Exchange (LLE). We literally plan our sessions around what you ask for (within reason! We can’t take you on holiday unfortunately). You give us your ideas and suggestions and we make them happen for you. This can be ideas for topics and themes, informal peer support for examinations, or creative games. Just let us know what would help you get more from the LLE.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to make friends

This is a slightly less unique aspect of the event but it’s still true. Much like all of the societies you’ve joined, you’ll be attending knowing that you’re there for the same reasons as everyone else and you’ve automatically got something in common. Last year, the regular Library Language Exchangers all went for a celebratory Christmas meal together. You can never have too many friends.

You’re welcome regardless of the language(s) you speak or want to learn

Whether you speak 7 languages or 1 language, you’re welcome at the Library Language Exchange. You’re free to talk to whoever you like, however you like, in whichever language you like. I know that my 汉字 (written Chinese) is pretty poor, and the LLE would be a perfect place to get some help. Just let us know if you’d like us to provide some calligraphy pens and paper!

It can be a great space to prepare for your ERASMUS year

As you might expect, the LLE attracts students from around the world and from time to time the stars align and outgoing ERASMUS students meet current exchange students at Warwick. Not only does this provide a perfect opportunity to share local tips and tricks for getting by in each other’s respective locations, but long-time friendships are formed here. Past LLE students have since gone on their ERAMUS year and met with friends they made at a Language Exchange event.

We provide the snacks

We really do. We bring biscuits, hot and cold drinks, and various other snacks. Not much else to say about that! Stop by if you want a biscuit.

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