Summer hacks – How to study in the melting heat!

The sun is scorching, bearing its harsh light onto students who continue to study over the summer. It becomes humid, suffocating and very sweaty! However, there are quite a few hacks that can be incorporated to make working much easier, no matter the temperature!… By Kayvon Taee

Don’t be a fool, stay cool!

As I am writing this, I have a nice large fan at my desk blowing cold air to me. It’s really hot at the moment and I have my laptop with medify open (I am studying for the UCAT, wish me luck!). I keep my room to a good temperature by opening windows, wearing loose clothing and keeping a bowl of ice near me. It sounds weird I know, but if you place this in front of a fan, you will feel constant bliss! Be careful with laptops and mobile phones too, as they can get warm very easily, especially if it’s hot outside. I recommend investing in a USB fan, which you can place underneath your laptop. This way, you will notice a slight performance increase and your laptop will keep cool whilst in use. As for your mobile, try to reduce your usage and lower the performance quality (such as low power mode) so it doesn’t eat up your battery, meaning it won’t heat up as much.

Change your study environment

Summer hacks – How to study in the melting heat!We are privileged to have many study spaces at Warwick but summer opens even more possibilities! If your studies/research involves lots of reading, consider picking a lovely tree to read under! I’ve seen many students pick the trees near the humanities building but my recommendation is the trees just opposite Rootes Grocery Store. You can stock up nice cold drinks, have a cheeky ice cream or even just to get lunch. It’s a really convenient spot as you have everything you need, and it becomes one of the most relaxed places to study on campus.  At least, during the summer anyway. The minute autumn arrives it becomes the wettest place due to the constant rain…

Stay hydrated!

Summer hacks – How to study in the melting heat!I really can’t stress this enough, drinking plenty of fluids especially at this season is important, regardless if you are working or studying. I find if I don’t drink enough during the summer, I start to have headaches and then I begin to feel really sleepy, so no work gets done. Dehydration can lead to serious complications if it becomes worse but if you’re bad at remembering to drink water, then you can set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink every so often.

Change the time you study

Summer hacks – How to study in the melting heat!It’s summer and it’s hot during the day but you can easily overcome this by swapping the times you study. You can become a night owl or just study more to the evening when it’s much cooler. However, it’s not the first tip I would suggest. If you do decide to switch up your routine, you can always go to the library, as it’s open 24 hours, even during the summer period. You can avoid the sun’s blazing rays and appreciate the nice cool evening air! You will also find there are more study spaces at this time as well, meaning you have more seats to choose from!

Phew! I think I have worked up quite a sweat telling you some tips to cope with studying over the summer! I think I am going to a nice, cold drink to keep hydrated. Until next time, have a great summer!

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