Three Investigations on the relevance of intellectual Sociology

Tres Investigaciones sobre la pertinencia intelectual de la SociologĂ­aTo all this I just realized that I had not uploaded the doctoral thesis work of so many years, finally, to this poor site. Matter that we will resolve immediately then.

Here is the link to the official repository of the University of Chile.

And here’s the summary:

In the present thesis presents the results of three analysis around the relevance of intellectual sociology. In the first of them, from the self-diagnosis negative about a sociology stagnant, it conducts a review of the theoretical debates and methodological, and in some fields of specific research. From this it is concluded that (a) it can be considered that sociology, in against of your self-diagnosis, accumulate knowledge, if you have a conception plural of that construction of the acquis and (b) there are elements that cross the sociological tradition that constitute the specific input of this tradition to the knowledge of the social life.

In the second of them is analyzed from an analysis of an empirical case, specifically, the situation of own-account workers in Chile, the problems it generates for the research to raise the general discussions as pure opposition. Pose as usual a simple opposition between action and structure creates a scheme of observation that does not account for the reality of these workers: thinking about them as entrepreneurs (with agency) or precarious (subjugated to a structure) is insufficient.

In the third attempt to build a theoretical development that allows for the renewal and strengthening of the sociological tradition. The bet theoretical basic is that if the social life is a construct generated in the interaction between the actors, the processes that constitute it are universal at the same time results that generate concrete historical. To understand the social life as a life built pluri-actors-finite allows us a better understanding of it.

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