Touraine over the movement of women. Reading notes

Nous n allons pas enter dans une société des femmes, nous and sommes déjà. Le plus remarquable dans cette conversion nécessaire des hommes est qu ils sont amenés à rompre avec leur habitude de penser couple couples d’opposition, pour adopter la manière de penser des femmes par combinaison de termes apparemment opposés -ce qui conduit à des jugements plus ambivalents et donc plus flexible

Alain Touraine. The order des sociétés. 2013, Seuil, p 289

The text of Touraine is your diagnosis of the transformations of today’s societies, all within the framework of the disappearance of the ‘society’ and the establishment of a post-social. The central category is the subject -who is seeking his freedom autocreadora as a universal right. In this situation, Touraine lies the central conflict (equivalent to the worker in the industrial society) is manifested in relation to the movement of women (which differs from the feminism, while the latter refers to the pursuit of equality, while the former focuses on the issue of the freedom of the subject).

It is in this context that appears the quote that we use, and that never ceases to be interesting. By two fundamental things: (1) That in the same book and thesis that operates by a dualistic thinking of the opposition (social / post-social) we are told that the right thing is not thinking that way. Isn’t that a way in which the text is criticizing? (2) does Not cease to be, finally, quite ‘naturalizante’ this way of thinking -the thinking male is dual and the feminine is by combination. One could say the same thing, and it has been said, in around the couple to Europe / rest of the world or modern / non-modern.

In both cases, what we have is, in a text that tries to give a new look when it is looking at what is a new movement, the power of the traditional distinctions; that continue to operate even in the moment in which they are criticized.

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