Tips For Getting a Graduate Degree While Traveling Abroad

Does getting a graduate degree while traveling abroad sound too good to be true? Fortunately, thanks to modern technology and the availability of online programs, it’s never been more possible than now. These days, you can have access to your dream graduate program while you cross the globe, and it won’t even cost an arm and a leg to do so. The tips below will help you get set up with the perfect program for you and offer insight on how to balance travel and study.

Secure the Right Finances

While online programs tend to be cheaper than in-school programs, you may still need some help affording online tuition and fees since moving past undergrad will cost more per credit hour. To cover expenses, you can take out graduate student loans from a private lender for the most flexible option. Even better, you can work with the lender to find a repayment schedule that will work with your own schedule, no matter where you are in the world, that does not have to start until after graduation.

Plan Your Schedule as Early as Possible

One tricky part to getting your grad degree while traveling is dealing with time zone differences. The last thing you want is to think your paper is due at 12:00 a.m. your time while it was really due hours ago. Make sure that you know the exact time difference from your current location as well as all future locations you will find yourself in. Plan out how you will balance your studying and traveling — are there certain days or times that will work best for you? Being fully prepared will have you ready to face any potential challenge that arrive.

Keep in Contact with Professors and Classmates

Though your program may be online, that doesn’t mean that your communication with those in your program has to be weakened. Make sure that you keep in contact with your professors and classmates, sending messages and taking part in virtual activities when they pop up. While you may be surrounded by friends while traveling abroad, they may not be able to support you fully during your program — only those involved can.

Use Your Travel Experiences to Your Advantage

Finishing a graduate degree while traveling is an impressive feat. While traveling abroad, you will gain invaluable life experience and will be exposed to new cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives that can provide insight into your own work and research. Use what you learn during travel to help with assignments and develop richer arguments and claims. It could even be that your travel will influence your overall thesis, no matter what subject.

Remember Why You Undertook Grad School

When stressful times do come up (and they inevitably will), remember why you started grad school in the first place. Was it to advance your career? Have a chance to earn a higher salary or get a promotion? Or deepen your education of subjects that interest you? When it gets hard, remember why you started to keep up your motivation.

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