How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

Instagram is bringing several features to its user interface, and sadly some are going which were there for years now. One of these features was the followers’ list, where you could see who is followed by the accounts on Instagram. It is used to show the accounts according to the order they were followed.

However, the recent updates on Instagram brought features where the accounts followed are not surely shown in chronological order. There is a feature where you can see the accounts you follow by logging in to your account.

When you are looking to see the followers of others, you need to go through different ways of getting this done. So, here are some ways for how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

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Manually check their account to know who they recently followed on Instagram.

One of the most basic ways of getting things done here is by manually checking the followers. You can go to anyone’s account and see who they are following. There you can maintain a list, and then after some time, you can check again, and updating the list will tell you about the new accounts that they recently followed. While this method seems to be easy, things can be very complex because of the following factors:

If the users have followers in thousands or millions, maintaining lists can be very difficult.

If that account is private and you are not following them, then there is no way you can see who they recently followed on Instagram.

Although this manual method of checking Instagram followers works, several limitations make it not so practical for everyone. Moreover, even if it works, it will require a lot of time, eventually making it useless as finding the results you are looking for will not be easy. So, that makes us look for other methods, and here are some of them.

Use Snoopreport for how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

If you need convenience and performance all at once, one of the best tools you can rely on is Snoopreport. It is the tool that solves almost all of your problems and provides you with the most features. Speaking of features, you will know who someone has recently followed on Instagram, and there will be a lot of other information as well.

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Those things include the information about their activity on Instagram along with the posts that they have liked. It means that Snoopreport is a perfect tool to check all you want to check about someone on Instagram. Here is how it works:

  • You will need to start by using the signup option on Snoopreport.
  • Once you create an account there, you will need to log in to your account
  • By using the tracking option, you can track the activity of any user
  • The interface of Snoopreport will provide all of the useful information on one dashboard.

With these 4 simple steps, you can track all of the activity of someone who you are looking to know about. When you use it to see who someone recently followed on Instagram, you get a lot of benefits as well. some of those benefits are:

Track everyone on Instagram

With this tool, there are no restrictions whatsoever. You can track almost every account on Instagram without needing to follow them. So, whoever you are looking to track to know the users they recently followed, you can easily do it here.

Check weekly activity

With Snoopreport you can efficiently check the activity of the users. At the same time, this is a feature only available in the Instagram application. The tool provides this weekly activity report of the users that you are looking to track, and this feature helps to track them better.

Everything is shown in a systematic order.

With Snoopreport, you can check all of the data at a glance. While all of the data is provided at one dashboard, the data is presented in a systematic order. It makes showing patterns of activities like hashtags and topics easier for Snoopreport. So, you can also take a good look at those statistics.

Image 3. Snoopreport allows to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

Some other ways for how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

There are several other ways of checking the accounts that other people follow on Instagram. While all of those methods are not that effective, here we have some of the most effective options for you.

KidsGuard Pro

This is the application that is made for parents who are worried about their children. It needs to be on the device for the account that you need to track. When this application is there on the kid’s device, it will keep track of all the important data, including the Instagram application and several other applications.

It is available on different marketplaces, and for different devices, so you can easily track the activity of your kids.

What not to use: Instagram followers Tracker Applications

There are a lot of applications that provide information about the accounts that others followed. However, you need to beware that some might need your Instagram login credentials. Using those applications means that you are not doing legal stuff. If Instagram blocks your account, that application will not take a single bit of responsibility for that. So, always use the trusted sources and methods.


There could be several reasons why you need to check who someone recently followed on Instagram. You could be a parent who is worried about your kid’s social media activity, or you are looking to see if your partner is cheating on you or not. While you cannot do anything about that without being on the intelligent side, the tools can help you a lot in several matters.

Here we were discussing some of the best ways that you can use to check who someone has recently followed on Instagram. In this way, keeping track of the follower’s activity of your target account will be easier than ever.

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