Translating Barnes together, step 2 : the pot !

Traduire Barnes ensemble, ├ętape 2 : la cagnotte !So here is, as expected, the second stage of the operation ” Translate Barnes together “… The first step (see this post), which was simply to make known the whole of the operation, said it very well : you are already more than twenty to have proposed your participation, and it may well be that on the side of Toulouse, there is the day said a second gathering “in real life” of translators, in addition to the gathering in lyon… You are also a few a-s to have made suggestions and comments, which are very valuable, and we will not fail to take into account in the following. For example, Lawrence points out to me that the article by Barnes is actually available online : the american sociologist Barry Wellman, a leading figure of the analysis of the networks, has digitized and put online in a corner of her personal website, at this address :

As well, you can read it now (but don’t cheat, do not start to translate it now, otherwise the collaborative experience will lose some of its pungency).

In my opinion, Barry Wellman has had to put online the article of his friend, without necessarily asking permission of the publisher, which brings us to the second step of the operation “Translate Barnes together” : the acquisition of translation rights. This point has been the subject of some e-mail discussions since yesterday : you are a few a-s to discuss the need to fulfil these rights, and, more generally, to challenge the legitimacy of the current economic model of scientific publishing, in which producers and recipients of knowledge have to pay multiple times to access content that has been privatised by the publishers, then they should be public goods.

If I fully share this position, for this first time, however, I propose to ” stay in the nails “, if only to conduct the experiment until its end, and will give precisely the means to explore all of the dimensions, and generate all of the discussions that could be tied around its different stages. And if, as I hope, we bring the experience, we can take some good lessons from this first !

For this time, therefore, I propose, therefore, to unite our efforts to buy all the rights to translation of the article. The rate initially requested by the service of the “permissions” of Sage for the electronic publication non-commercial use of this translation was $ 200, but after discussion, Valerie Bernard, the head of the service, has very kindly agreed to reduce this fee to $ 150.

During today (about 1.3 euro to 1 dollar), therefore, we need to gather about 120 euros. As the idea is to experiment with our ability to conduct end-to-end this intellectual operation in a collective manner, I suggest you to use the ” pot ” that I created with Leetchi, a service rather intended to pay pots of departure and funerals life of a young girl, but you can without problem use also to businesses like ours. To make your contribution, it is very easy, just go to this address :

There, you can make the contribution of your choice. I have set up a contribution default of 10 euros, but you can of course change this amount, to suggest a smaller, or possibly larger. That said, as it is just to make the operation as collective as possible, it is useless to make a contribution too important, which would reduce mechanically the number of contributors…

And another very important point : there is absolutely no relationship between the fact of contributing to the purchase rights and to contribute to the translation ! In other words, contribute financially, you don’t intellectually contribute, and conversely, not having paid of contribution do you prohibit absolutely not to participate in the translation !

I leave the pot open for about 10 days, until Thursday, 9 February, unless, of course, the sum of 120 euros is reached before… How long, then, to raise that money ? You can follow the progression of this pot right here in additions to this post, and also on Twitter with the hashtag #barnestogether.

It is gone !

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31/01/2012 at 16h12 :

The account is good ! Great, it took barely 4 hours to fill the pot, and bring together 120 euros needed to buy the rights to a translation of the article by Barnes ! I rule, therefore, this evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow for step 3, in other words, the Doodle destined to choose on the day which will bring together the largest number of translators as possible ! See you tomorrow !

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