What bodies of water are Indiana?

What bodies of water are Indiana?

  • Lake Michigan. Bodies of Water.
  • Saint Joseph River. Bodies of Water.
  • Monroe Lake. 177. Bodies of Water.
  • morse lake Indiana. Bodies of Water • Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Trail Creek. Bodies of Water.
  • Sodalis Nature Park. Bodies of Water • Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Brookville Lake. Bodies of Water.
  • Mississinewa Lake. Bodies of Water.

What are the 3 major lakes in Indiana?

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Lake Name Area in acres
Cecil M. Harden Lake (Indiana, USA) 2,110
Geist Reservoir (Indiana, USA) 1,890
Lake Maxinkuckee (Indiana, USA) 1,854
Lake Freeman (Indiana, USA) 1,547

What is the prettiest lake in Indiana?

Best Lakes in Indiana

  1. Lake Wawasee, Syracuse. Lake Wawasee and Syracuse Lake in Kosciusko County are connected by a channel, making Syracuse the perfect lake town.
  2. Lake Michigan, Chesterton.
  3. Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver.
  4. Patoka Lake, Birdseye.
  5. Lake Monroe, Bloomington.
  6. Lake James, Angola.
  7. Cecil M.
  8. Lake Shafer, Monticello.

What is the deepest lake in Indiana?

Tippecanoe Lake

Can you swim in Clear Lake Indiana?

A water ski club practices aquatic tricks and advanced skiing formations, and cottagers enjoy pontooning, canoeing and swimming from the naturally sandy beaches bordering the shore. A small marina on the west shore rents boats and provides repairs. Add Clear Lake Pictures!

Can you swim in Fish Lake Indiana?

There’s an advisory for bacteria at Lower and Upper Fish Lake Beach Wednesday. It could be unsafe to swim. If you do swim in the water there, make sure to shower immediately. If you have an open wound, you’ll definitely want to avoid that water.

Does Lake Tippecanoe have a sandbar?

Most of the shore is lined with residences, and vacation rentals are available along with some fishing camps and a nearby motel. Pizza King is on the lake. Just west of Lake Webster is the 851-acre Tippecanoe Lake. It is a well-known waterski lake and has a sandbar in one basin that is very popular.

How Clean Is Tippecanoe Lake?

DATA SUMMARY: Both phosphorus and nitrogen levels in Lake Tippecanoe were consistently well above the Environmental Protection Agency recommended guidelines. Nutrients feed harmful algae and reduce water clarity.

Can you swim in Lake Tippecanoe?

Tippecanoe Lake, known locally as “Lake Tippy”, provides all kinds of recreational options for visitors including fishing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and, yes, canoeing.

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