What episode does the Fourth Great Ninja War end?

What episode does the Fourth Great Ninja War end?

Episode 474

How does the fourth ninja war end?

The war ended with the victory of the shinobi forces, thanks to the effort of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha for the most part, however, there were countless people who died, and some of them were major characters in the story.

What are the saddest Naruto episodes?

Naruto: The 16 Most Heartbreaking Moments

  • 8 Gaara’s Sad Back Story.
  • 7 Sealing The Nine Tails.
  • 6 Minato’s Final Farewell.
  • 5 Hinata Confesses Her Love.
  • 4 Neji’s Death.
  • 3 Naruto Vs. Sasuke Part 2.
  • 2 Itachi’s Death(s)
  • 1 Jiraiya’s Death.

Does iruka die?

Iruka-sensei was dead. He died on Thursday… Suddenly, he jerked his head up….

Why is iruka so weak?

15 Weaker: Iruka Iruka did show a talent for barrier ninjutsu, but talent seems to stop there. One can assume he is moderately proficient as a chunin, but he lacks any other growth in the series. Iruka got weaker by the way his fellow shinobi outgrew him….

Does iruka beat Mizuki?

After discovering that Mizuki’s speed was rapidly declining from pouring more chakra into his raw strength, Naruto and Iruka were able to defeat Mizuki with a well-timed manoeuvre that ended with a Rasengan.

Why can’t jiraiya be revived?

In the anime, Kabuto simply says that he can’t reanimate Jiraiya because his body is at the bottom of the sea. Considering all the other powerful ninja Kabuto brings back, this is a weak excuse, especially since ninja were renowned for properly disposing of comrades’ bodies after death….

Is Jiraiya dead in Boruto?

Jiraiya’s death is one of those fictional loses that fans are still dealing with. Jiraiya was Naruto’s mentor who dies trying to stop Pain from attacking Naruto and destroying the Hidden Leaf Village. And as it turns out, he is indeed a character who shares DNA with the legendary Sannin….

Is jiraiya revived in Boruto?

Although Jiraiya ended up dying at the hands of his own student, Nagato Uzumaki, he appears to be back, although as a clone created by Amado using Scientific Ninja Technology. Here are 5 reasons why Jiraiya’s return in Boruto is good and 5 why it is bad….

Did Tsunade like Jiraiya?

One of the most humanizing aspects of Jiraiya, though, is his pure, unending love for Tsunade Senju. She was both his teammate and friend since an early age, and thus his relationship with her is one of complete respect and sincerity. Tsunade may not love Jiraiya the way he loves her, but their bond in undeniable….

Is Tsunade dead?

As far as we know, Tsunade is still alive. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Tsunade retires as the 5th Hokage, and she may have continued her tradition with leaving Konoha after the Second Shinobi World War when she retired as a Shinobi.

Who is Boruto’s love interest?

Sarada Uchiha

Who is mitsuki crush?

Finally, when Sarada calls Chocho over to start on their ‘journey,’ catching up to Naruto, Chouchou tells Boruto about how Mitsuki had pulled her aside. Chouchou tells Sarada that she has a feeling that Mitsuki has a crush on her, but Chouchou made it clear that if he did, she certainly did not reciprocate.

What is Sakura’s IQ?


Who is Sasuke’s real wife?

Sasuke Uchiha
Notable relatives Itachi Uchiha (brother, deceased) Sakura Uchiha (wife) Sarada Uchiha (daughter)
Ninja rank Genin in Part I
Ninja team Team 7 (Part I) Taka (Part II)

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