It has been rightly stated that the magic of ye yesteryear is the science of today. Window coverings operating on the owner’s voice commands sounded like an element straight out of science fiction some years back. It is not the case now, as with the advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain, many smart devices and equipment, including smart windows, can be integrated and programmed to obey voice commands. It makes the owner’s life comfortable and gives him a chance to channelize the energy in other fruitful domains.


Smart shades are window coverings that have built-in motors, along with light sensors and virtual assistants Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Home, IFTTT) so that the shade scan be programmed to operate as per the voice command of the owners. The implication of having smart shades installed in the house is that the owner does not have to go to the window cooperate the shade physically but can remotely raise or lower the window covering with a voice command.


Some people believe that voice control smart shades are just a novelty. Like any other trend, it will also fade away eventually. But if one pays attention to the advantages of voice controlled smart blinds, one realizes that they are here to stay.

1. How do Voice-Controlled Smart Shades Make the Life of the Owner Convenient?

Voice-controlled smart shades help the owner automate repetitive tasks like reaching out to the shade every time they have to be operated. With voice-controlled automation, the owner can continue with their professional or personal commitments and still control the window coverings with just a voice command. Alexa and Sir have become the ever-present assistants of the homeowners, and they reduce the physical labor to a minimum. What is important here is that the owner can either choose to control a single window shade or the window Hades of the entire house with just a single voice command.

2. How do Voice Controlled Smart Shades Increase the Energy Savings?

Voice-controlled smart shades are slightly more expensive than standard blinds, but they duly compensate in the long run by increasing the house’s energy efficiency. When the owner can control the window shade with a voice command, they will be closed only when the sun is bright. Many times, blinds remain closed to save physical effort. The owner can keep the shades open during the morning and evening hours with the voice-controlled feature. Thus the judicious use of the smart blind will reduce the use of electricity and help save energy. In addition to it,depending upon the kind of fabric used, the voice-controlled window shades can provide good insulation, thereby allowing the owner to maintain a uniform temperature inside the room.Therefore, it also reduces the energy consumption of the house.

3. How do Voice Controlled Smart Shades Prove to be Kid Safe?

Voice-controlled smart shades are not only convenient to use, but they are also kid-safe. All the other types of window coverings come with operating mechanisms and cords. Thus there is significant risk of children getting entangled and hurting themselves in these cords while playing. The voice-controlled smart shades do away with the threat. With no dangling cord to operate the window, these shades make the house completely child safe.4. How do Voice Controlled Smart Shades make the House Stylish yet Futuristic?
Although the trend of using voice-controlled smart shades is catching up, it has not become staple. It is thought to be a sign of luxury. When the owner gets these shades installed in the house, they make it more comfortable, stylish yet futuristic at the same time. Voice-controlled smart shades make the home more stylish and contribute towards increasing the overall aesthetic appeal.

5. How do Voice Controlled Smart Shades make the Home Secure?

These days no one is safe anywhere. Therefore, it becomes essential to safeguard the interests fondness family, and the best way to do it is to build a safe house. It is advised to boost up the security of the house with smart voice-controlled shades. Once the smart system is installed, the owner can control windows and doors with voice commands. Much more importantly, security alerts can be triggered in case of an emergency with ease. These shades provide security and safety to the family members in the home.

6. How do Voice Controlled Smart Shades Help in Automation?

The world today is moving towards automation. The voice-controlled smart shades also come with the features of automation. With the light sensors installed in the window treatment, the shade can sense the amount of light entering the room and operate as per the programmed instructions. What is striking is that in some of the voice-controlled shades’ advanced features,the owner might not even have to give a voice command. The per-determined settings will enable the window covering to detect a media being played, and it will automatically close to provide a good cinematic experience.

7. How do Voice Controlled Smart Shades Help De clutter the Room?

The voice-controlled window shades are sleek and stylish. They do not come with operating cords and mechanisms, so they cover less space and do not create clutter. Since voice commands control these, the one can do away with remotes or additional controlling switches on the walls.These shades make the room look contemporary, sophisticated and de cluttered.Voice-controlled window shades are fast becoming a necessity in modern houses. They-make the life of the owner secure, easy and comfortable. What is more important is that these shades are convenient for elders and safe for kids. They add significant value to the house an dare more than just a novelty.

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