You’re Almost There!

By now you’ve probably submitted all of your coursework, you’re about to begin revision for the final string of exams and the end of the year is in sight… Celebrating before you’ve finished exams might sound premature, but taking to time to reflect on your current successes and achievements doesn’t have to take long! Whether you’ve got half a day or half a week before your revision timetable starts, here’s how to celebrate coursework submission…

You’re on the home straight! Most of you will have submitted your dissertation and your final assignments and will be preparing for the final hurdle of exams. But remember, to get to this point you have jumped over a lot of obstacles – remember to celebrate what you’ve achieved so far.

Do what you’ve already been doing, but without the guilt…

If you’re anything like me, you can’t possibly abandon a good series just because you have got assignments… I seem to get hooked onto something precisely when I should be working. I’ve even tried to split-screen Netflix and my work (don’t try it).

But now you have handed in your work, give yourself a few days to hammer through your favourite series guilt-free. When the episode gives you a summary of ‘what happened previously’, you won’t need that reminder, because you’ll have been watching that show back-to-back all day long


You’ve probably munched your way through every snack that Rootes Grocery Store has to offer…. You may have treated yourself to a Library Cafe breakfast when you’ve arrived onto campus early enough, and you may have even found a way for non-WBS students to access the incredible café at the Business School. However, you no longer have to limit yourself to the culinary offerings of Warwick campus nor will your snacks be stress-induced or a form of procrastination. Head into town for a well-deserved meal. It’s a chance to celebrate with your course-mates and take a break from the suffocation of campus during Term 3.

Retail therapy

Ever heard of the phrase, “treat yoseeeelf”? Well, now is the time to reward yourself with anything that takes your fancy. I procrastinate a lot by browsing ASOS, Topshop and various other sites — during which time I accumulate a wish list that far exceeds my budget… If you do the same, pick something that you’ve been wanting for ages and see that as an earnt reward for making it to the home straight.

Most importantly, relax

Even if you have watched a series, gone for a meal with friends or bought yourself something new during the time you were completing assignments, you probably didn’t feel completely relaxed. Sometimes we feel so guilty for doing anything but studying, that it’s hard to enjoy anything fully. But at this point, remember, you have earnt it! We’re not robotic studying machines that don’t require time off. A break is a good time to recharge your batteries in preparation for that final hurdle.

You’re Almost There!

You’ve come so far, and that’s purely down to you  – take a little time to celebrate this!

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