Three moments in the social theory contemporary.

The title of the paper attached to this entry is something more complex than that of this entry: Structure-in-Actor, Structure-and-Actor and Theories Relational. 3 Moments of Social Theory in the last decades. The summary will explain a little more that it is: In the diaspora theoretical after the fall of functionalism were observed attempts of […]

the Nature of The Analysis of Social

What would be one of the theoretical chapters of the phd thesis in this link. The abstract of the text: This paper defends the following three claims, which raises can help to generate theoretical results of interest in social science. The first is a naturalistic worldview of the social life: having, as a whole, its […]

A brief relation of the Sociology Analytics

It approaches sociological typically, at the end, divided between versions of theories of action and structure, rather than try to overcome (in various ways this distinction). Now, within the various forms that becomes the concern for the action an aspect that has gained strength in recent years, which has intrinsic interest and also their movements […]

thinking post-colonial and the traps of dualism

The thesis which we will defend in this entry is simple: In part, the thinking the post-colonial is trapped in the same dualities that criticism, and it does not give account or of the western tradition, criticized, or of the other traditions whose subjugation and invisibility criticizes. One of the themes of this aspect is […]

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