On the misuses of significance tests

To ask whether a difference is statistically significant is one of the most common and recurring of the analysis in many fields, and in particular in sociology. Let us think in the discussions on whether the differences between the results of the surveys are significant. Now, for several years have developed various criticisms of the […]

A note on the reflexivity of action

Among the habits of thought normal to sociologists, those statements that we assume certain without thinking too much, is to associate the agency with the plan, reflect, evaluate alternatives, etc., The action that does not follow these parameters, it is thought of as automatic, almost as if it’s not really action. The comment of Weber […]

A Schema of Stages of Universal History

Among the innumerable projects on which to work from time to time, is write a Universal Story of the Social Life. The focus of it is that not until now I’ve thought of a better name it as ‘social technologies’: a history of the development of all those forms (institutions, structures, practices, beliefs) that we’ve […]

Aylwin, on the reform and on the moral courage

There are at least two claims criticism about Patricio Aylwin that have a certain circulation. The first is that its government to the extent of the possible built the society of the model, and in consequence his figure can not be recognized. The second is that supported the coup, and in consequence his figure can […]

For a sociology of the robots

Apropos of some conversations in the past few days. The idea that automation will replace a significant amount of the current jobs, and that-to tell truth – the progress of the IA will involve the replacement of not just repetitive tasks, but many that involve skills ‘human’ advanced has appeared several times. Will not be […]

Subjectivity, agency, and projects

One of the themes that has appeared in some occasions in the past few months on this blog is the idea of separating the idea of agency deliberation (for example, see this entry on reflexivity). The idea that you are the agent of one’s own life when he takes a deliberative, thoughtful, and conscious is […]

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