Freedom and Liberation in Dussel (R)

The Ethics of Liberation Enrique Dussel is one of the major works of philosophy written in Latin America. In this entry we will work to expose, very briefly some of the main ideas of the book; in the next entry we will perform the analysis of them. Is at the same time a position critical […]

Freedom and Liberation in Dussel (II)

Having performed in the previous entry for a description of some of the main ideas of Enrique Dussel Ethics of Liberation, in this entry we will focus on some comments on the text. The first is laudatory, the second most critical. As to found an ethics material, content, without falling into the naturalistic fallacy The […]

An article. Theory of Sociality as Interaction

There will be more, I guess, to communicate in this blog the fact that the journal Tape of Moebio, dedicated to the issues of epistemology in the Social Sciences, published an article of my authorship. The title is something tinning, but you are going to do: Theory of sociality as interaction: towards a social analysis […]

the characteristics of the good sociologist

A good sociologist should be, at the same time, someone who moved with the same ease in the field of mathematics -you know, for example, of truth, reasoning with probabilities, statistical distributions-in relation to the meanings that you may understand the distinctions and intentions of the various such – and in regard to the theory […]

Things, people, and the animality of human

Usually in sociology, and this is true for other social sciences and to the humanities, what is more usual is to think of human beings as des-biologizados: the fact that they are beings cultural makes that there is no such thing as biological determinism or anything like that. I have criticized this position on other […]

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