Passeron and the reasoning historical Social Sciences

The Sociological Reasoning of Jean-Claude Passeron is also another defense of the necessity of thinking about social analysis as a historical analysis. Written in part as a polemic with the Popper of the Poverty of Historicism, poses as one of its fundamental tenets the absence of a science nomotética, and that it is necessary to […]

The futility of the theory. A note on Nozick

In the discussions of ideological a claim shared in the debate is that you can derive from first principles the positions on the specific issues that we have to solve. To illustrate and criticize this idea, in this entry we will focus on the work of Nozick, in Anarchy, State and Utopia, in the distant […]

the good, The bad and Tironi

A couple of recent columns by Eugenio Tironi, the first titled Good and the second Bad, have generated some controversy. Or at least have made it in the list Chilesoc, to which such columns was taken out of his lethargy usual. On several occasions in this blog I have made several criticisms of the writings […]

The place of autonomy in the world of work.

Behind the self-employment we find ourselves, so to speak, with the possibilities and limitations of autonomy as a space in the world of contemporary labour in Chile (but not only in our country). Three reflections are necessary to understand that space: The first is that autonomy, which is crucial for its own account, is not […]

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