why are you still using the political polls?

The title question can only deserve a quick response and obvious: Because you need some information, and that kind of information only you can deliver the surveys. Which is valid, but still leaves open the question of the uses. In other words, how much confidence can we have in their results? And given this, what […]

the Management of the ‘Model’

The idea that the governments of the Concertación (1990-2010) were administered to the model of the dictatorship generated, among those who defended and defend these governments, a great burning; a form of denigration of the achievements of these governments. However, it appears a more succinct form of referring to what did these governments -compared with […]

The Rationality of Rational Action

That is the title, perhaps you should think how to improve the titles I write?, a paper that I presented yesterday at the Colloquium on Economic Sociology. To describe it, nothing better than their summary: The theory of rational action has the paradoxical condition of being at the same time dominant and strongly criticized. On […]

A purpose of the Presidential Election of 2017

Nothing very neat, but: (1) FA+NM clearly does not constitute an electoral majority. The ‘unity’ of the left wing was given (in which can it be, that there is not a transfer of 100%) and was not enough. (2) Chilezuela worked. And the reason that work involves a defeat for the more left-wing. I remember […]

The Particularity of the Election Polls

On Wednesday, the 13th of this month, the Association of Sociologists had to make a Panel about Political Polls. In the discussion, regarding the difference between opinion polls and election polls, I mentioned as a comment to an old idea of Jesus Ibáñez: the poll and the election are homologous activities: In both cases it […]

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