The economic growth in Chile 1810-2016

The economist Angus Maddison published the year 2007, a book Contours of the World Economy, culminating a task absolutely senseless to Attempt to measure the GDP per capita of various countries from the year 1 of our era. A mammoth task (in terms of data collection and analysis to make them comparable) that would produce […]

feminism and the discourse on morality in the left

To purpose of the recent Wave feminist, and the discourse on the male left, and after talking with several people, I came to the following hypothesis: The traditional discourse of the left on morality is a discourse of transgression. Face the moral conservative and traditionalist, what was seen was appropriate to denigrate and break the […]

Touraine over the movement of women. Reading notes

Nous n allons pas enter dans une société des femmes, nous and sommes déjà. Le plus remarquable dans cette conversion nécessaire des hommes est qu ils sont amenés à rompre avec leur habitude de penser couple couples d’opposition, pour adopter la manière de penser des femmes par combinaison de termes apparemment opposés -ce qui conduit […]

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