The Most Glamorized Games in Film

Caption: The hit series The Queen’s Gambit does a brilliant job of glamorizing chess Rarely do you see a French Noir film about Dungeons and Dragons, yet you’ll often see a glamorous hero absolutely killing it at the roulette table. What is it that makes some games so ripe for romanticism and some so totally […]

10 Best Tips on How To Prepare for the GMAT Exam

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), a non-profit association of the world’s chief graduate administration education, manages the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Since the GMAT is required for a confirmation to over 6,500 graduate commerce schools worldwide, investing the time to plan for this 3.5-hour exam is unequivocally exhorted. A high score on the […]

Are Open-Back Headphones Worth Buying?

Selecting the right headphones for your needs is always a challenge. One might think about open-back headphones but the question is are open-back headphones worth buying? Well to answer this question we’ve written a detailed guide on open-back headphones. Before we start discussing open-back headphones, let’s have a look at closed-back headphones. Difference Between Open-Back […]

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