Which did away with social classes ?

Between an ethnographical observation at the stade de France on Tuesday night and an editorial board of the journal Sociology on Thursday morning, I enjoyed a stay in paris to listen to the interventions together in a day of exciting studies, organized so this Wednesday, 12 October 2011, on the Jourdan Campus of ENS Ulm […]

Translating Barnes together !

As I did notice at the turn of a ticket issued here in November last year, the text is considered by many as the founding act of the social network analysis is not always translated in French. This is the article published by John A. Barnes (1918-2010) in the journal Human Relations, 1954, and entitled […]

equipment and labs (long version)

You are browsing through it may be that these lines because you just read the ticket issued in The World, in the book “Sciences & Techno” Saturday, march 17, 2012, and that you wanted to know a little more ? Then welcome ! The format of this “card blanche” requires the concision, and little can […]

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